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Tube Processing Machines (Garboli)

Tube Processing Machines (Garboli)

As the UK and Ireland distributor for Garboli metal finishing machines AFS can supply a wide range of continuous production and fabrication tube and wire abrasive belt grinding and finishing machines. 

Centreless Grinding:  TRIS - DUO - NOK150.  Abrasive belt grinding.  Ideal for straight tube up to 80mm in diameter.

Orbital Grinding (curved tubes):  LPC90 - LPC160 - LPC300 - LPC500.  Able to grind finish and polish both straight and curved tubes up to 203mm in diameter

Orbital Grinding (straight tubes):  LT130 - LT200.  For high volume production of larger diameter tubes with a flexible abrasive belt grinding.

Tube end Deburring:  SET.  Heavy duty dual action deburring machine from Garboli

Want to see Garboli machines in operation?  For a live demonstration visitors are always welcome at our UK demonstration centre in Ripon. 

Garboli TRIS and DUO

Centreless tube grinding and polishing machines for tubes up to 80mm diameter

Garboli Orbital Polishing Machines

Planetary action orbital tube polishing and grinding machines for tube from 5mm to 203mm diameter. Suitable for curved and straight tubes

Garboli LT Tube and Bar Grinding Machines

Ideal for high volume grinding and polishing of straight and tapered tube and bar

Brush Deburring Machine

Garboli SET heavy duty, dual action, orbital brush deburring machine