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Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Which Carbide Burr Form Do I Need?

We stock an extensive range of tungsten carbide burrs in 11 different shapes, 2 different cut forms and a whole range of diameters which will easily fit on to your die grinder. The selection of the correct cutting edge for excellent carbide burr performance is essential and to keep it simple we only supply the premium performance carbide burr forms.

Fluted Cut Carbide Burrs  - for non-ferrous metals and plastics. These are identified as Code 3 ( /3) at the end of our part (sku) number.  The open fluted cut face aids fast swarf removal on soft materials such as aluminium and soft plastics.

Diamond Cut Carbide Burrs  - for hard metals such as stainless steel and titanium.  Diamond cut tungsten carbide burrs are identified as Code 6 ( /6) at the end of our part (sku) number.  The multi-facted diamond cut burr ensures raipd low vibration cutting on steels and other hard metals.

Code 3:

Fluted Cut

Non-ferrous metals

& plastics

Non Ferrous metal Burr cut pattern

Code 6:

Diamond Cut

Hard metals

& steels

carbide burr diamond cut

First choose your shape and then check the available options within the range of tungsten burrs for the cut pattern you need. Or alternatively, view all of our Diamond Cut Burrs here, or view all of our Fluted Cut Burrs.

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Carbide Burr Range from Abrasive Finishing Systems

The AFS carbide burr range has been designed and tested with engineering in mind.

Carbide burrs are one of the most mis-understood but useful tools for use in the workshop.  Everybody has one.  Nobody knows what speed to run them at and  if they are buying the right product.  To help you get the right carbide burr for your application we have looked to make the range as simple and straightforward as we can.

We have done away with all the intermediate options for different carbide burr cutting heads and just supply two high performance cut options.  One for hard metals and one for non-ferrous metals.  Then you know it will work.

Diamond Cut Burr Pattern.
Also called double cut carbide burrs the diamond cut is designed for use on hard metals such as steel, stainless steel, aerospace metals such as titanium and nickel alloys along with iron and some harder high density plastics.  We recommend the diamond cut burrs fro shaping and detail carving of hard woods.

Long Fluted Cut Burr Pattern
Over many years of testing it has been show that the long fluted burr pattern allows for the rapid removal of grinding swarf on soft materials such as aluminium, brass and soft plastics.  We recommend the fluted cut burrs on soft plastics and rubber where heat can cause the material to melt and reduce the cutting efficency of the carbide burr.