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Abrasive Spindle Mounted Wheels

Abrasive Spindle Mounted Wheels

Abrasive flap wheels are a great tool to have around your workshop and are ideal for detail shaping with the smaller wheels right through to general brushed finishing on almost any material.

Available from 10mm to 100mm diameters our abrasive cloth flap wheels are not intended for stock removal, instead they are used when leaving a structured finish on a workpiece. Our high performance ceramic flap wheels will remove slightly more material from your component whilst still maining a high quality strutured finish.

Combination wheels are cloth flaps interleaved with a tex section of material and will remove scratches and surface damage from your workpiece. As well as removing light burrs, a satin structured finish will be applied to your metal. Abrasive combination wheels are designed to run at a slow speed on die grinders and drill attachments.

The Abrasive Finishing Systems range of carbide burrs offers a variety of shapes and dimensions, ensuring you have the best possible burr for your application. If you are working on hard metals such as stainless steel, steel or alloy metals, please select from our diamond cut burrs. Should you be working on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, our fluted cut range will provide a high quality cut.

Please also see our carbide burr sets which are particularly useful if you are unsure which carbide burr you need or have numerous jobs but one burr will not complete the job.