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Variable Speed Grinder

Variable Speed Grinder

Mechanically removing weld discolouration will cause a change in the surface finish of the stainless steel leaving a brighter finish.  We have given two disc options for this solution dependent upon the final finish you are looking to achieve.

Option 1:

FAG Grade 4 disc. This discs will remove weld discolouration and blueing, leaving a soft satin finish without damaging the original surface below.

Option 2:

LVT Medium.  The surface conditioning / scotchbrite type flap disc.  We recommend the LVT particularly if you are blending back with a strong satin finish which you need to restore. 

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  1. Unitised FAG 4 disc, 125mm diameter. Removes paint from aluminium and steel panels effectively. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

    Unitised FAG 4 disc 125 dia x 22

    Excl. Tax: £11.28 Incl. Tax: £13.54 As low as: £12.86
    FAG unitised Disc - FA grade 4 125 x 22mm
  2. lvt surface conditioning finishing discs abrasive finishing systems uk

    LVT Surface Conditioning RC2 flap disc 125 dia x 22

    Excl. Tax: £7.91 Incl. Tax: £9.49
    Surface Conditioning flap disc - Medium A 125 x 22mm

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