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Pad / Stroke / Long Belt Sanders

Pad sander belts vary between 3000mm and 9000mm in length and with almost every option between the two.   For this category it is therefore almost impossible to display every available belt size.  Please contact us to receive a quote on the belts to fit your machine.

The most common grit size used to create a 240 grit satin finish on sheet is 80 grit (yes we know it is not 240 grit!!)

Material Options:

KP949 -  Strong F weight paper backed aluminium oxide cloth belts. Use when you have a clean, descaled stainless steel sheet and it is a low aggression application.

KP950 -  Strong F weight paper backed zirconia cloth belts. Use where a higher cut and abrasive life is needed than with KP949.  Our recommended paper product.

JF4top -  Flexible poly cotton backed white aluminum oxide cloth belts. The cloth backing will significantly increase abrasive life and is highly resistant to bellt snagging and tearing.  Recommended on shaped pad sander work.

FX87    -  Heavy duty polyester backed ceramic abrasive cloth belts.  Where high aggression is needed.  Will cut through mill scale very effectively.  High perfomance / High Durability recommendation.

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  1. KP949F 80 Grit Paper Belt 6680mm x 150mm. Semi-Open Aluminium Oxide Belt For Sanding Both Dry and Wet Woods. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

    KP949FO Al ox 80# belt 6680 x 150

    Excl. Tax: £9.60 Incl. Tax: £11.52
    KP949 FO open coated / anti-static Al Oxide paper wide belt 6680 x 150mm - 80 grit
  2. JF4T Aluminium Oxide Polyester Finishing Belt 80 Grit 6650mm x 150mm. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

    JF4T Al ox 80# belt 6650 x 150

    Excl. Tax: £41.88 Incl. Tax: £50.26
    JF4 top Al Oxide J weight cloth belt 6650 X 150mm 80 grit
  3. Surface Conditioning Belt Very Fine Grade 6650m x 150mm. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

    SCM Very Fine belt 6650 x 150

    Excl. Tax: £242.68 Incl. Tax: £291.21
    Very Fine Surface Conditioning Belt 5500 x 150mm - Rapid Cut
  4. 337DC Trizact A300 Satin Finishing Belt, 6650x 150mm. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

    337DC Trizact A300 belt 6650 x 150

    Excl. Tax: £145.80 Incl. Tax: £174.96
    Trizact 337DC Finishing belt grit A300 (P80 equivalent) 6650 x 150mm

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