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  1. time saving kit 04.jpg

    Time Saving Kit for mirror polished, flat stainless steel

    Excl. Tax: £239.10 Incl. Tax: £286.92
    Contents: Full instructions for use, link to video of the process, RCD/ME/125 x 1, 777GR/100/S133 x 2, 237GR/A160/S133 x 5, 237GR/A65/S133 x5, 237GR/A30/S133 x5, SAGR/5/S105 x1, PVG/H/125 x1, FLM/12550, x1 125VEL/VZ x1, 125IT x1, 75VEL/VZ x1, 75IT x1, PV101 (green) x300g, PV/102 (pink) x300g, PV103 (chalk) x150g

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