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50mm diameter

Standard recommendation for removing coatings:

Stripping Wheels:  Do what they say on the packet but may damage the surface beneath on softer materials.

Scotchbrite Wheels: TS wheel if it is a particularly delicate surface being cleaned

Brand New Unitised Wheel: Leave a soft satin finish, much like the TS but provide an exceptional life span especially when working on edges where the TS wheels would damage quickly
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  1. Unitised FAUS 4 Spindle Mounted Abrasive Wheel. 50mm x 25mm x 6mm. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

    Unitised FA4 wheel 50 x 25 x 6

    Excl. Tax: £12.61 Incl. Tax: £15.13
    Unitised spindle mounted wheel - FA4 50 x 25 x 6mm
  2. ts spindle mounted tex wheel.jpg

    TS Tex Fine A Flap wheel 50 x 25 x 6

    Excl. Tax: £5.65 Incl. Tax: £6.78
    Tex spindle mounted flap wheel 50 x 25 x 6mm - Fine A
  3. css cibo spindle mounted stripping wheel.jpg

    CSS Clean + Strip disc 50 x 25 x 6

    Excl. Tax: £7.01 Incl. Tax: £8.42
    Stripping disc on a spindle 50mm diameter x 25mm (2 disc) - 6mm spindle

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