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InoxiClean Restore Products

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100% biodegradeable, InoxiClean Restore is the fast and safe way to clean rust and other contamination from stainless steel, aluminium and copper. Used on the Lloyds Building and in many other applications Inoxiclean Restore is ideal for professional cleaning and restoration of stainless steel.

How to clean your stainless steel:  

Simply spray on, wait for 5 minutes, rub and rinse or wipeInoxiclean Restore removes rust and dirt of catering equipment clean and your surfaces will be deep cleaned, it's original appearance and lustre restored.

Because InoxiClean Restore is biodegradeable it is safe for use in kitchens, on stainless steel industrial cookware, food containers and in swimming pools as well in tougher environments such as the renovating and maintaining street furniture, stainless steel handrails, machinery, vehicles and outdoor furniture.

It works as a deep cleaner, working into the pores of the surface of the metal removing acid rain, soot, fine dust, corrosion, dirt, oil and other unwanted contaminants which can affect the look of stainless steel. In addition InoxiClean Restore applies a protective layer which repels water and dirt, keeping it safe from corrosion and dirt for longer.  For a better understanding of what causes stainless steel to rust and how the InoxiClean Restore products work, please see the information at the bottom of this page.

Reasons to use InoxiClean Restore:

100% biodegradable InoxiClean Restore

- Fast and effective removal of rust and contaminants of stainless steel, aluminium and copper

- Returns the original appearance and lustre to stainless steel

- Safe and 100% biodegradable

- Industrial and everyday use

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  1. InoxiClean Restore Set. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

    InoxiClean Restore Set

    Excl. Tax: £36.21 Incl. Tax: £43.46
    InoxiClean Restore Set
  2. icre_5000_inoxiclean_restore_5l.jpg

    InoxiClean Restore 5l (VLIC)

    Excl. Tax: £171.10 Incl. Tax: £205.32
    5 litre container of Inoxi Clean Restore
  3. inoxiclean restore 500ml spray bottle.jpg

    InoxiClean Restore 500ml Spray

    Excl. Tax: £19.10 Incl. Tax: £22.92
    500ml Spray Bottle of InoxiClean Restore

InoxiClean Restore Before and After Use Why does stainless steel rust?

Stainless steel alloy is made from iron, nickel and chromium, the nickel ensures that stainless steel remains non- metallic and the chromium gives stainless its corrosion resistant properties by forming a chromium oxide layer when in contact with oxygen. Anything that hinders this chromium oxidation process will enable the stainless steel to rust. Examples of this are:



Damage by particle contamination most commonly occurs when iron oxide particles find their way into the pores on the surface of the stainless steel and start to oxidise- forming rust. When stainless and carbon steel are used in the same area, this type of rust or tea staining can also occur. It is most commonly found by railways, roads and in workshops.


Chemical damage by sea water can cause corrosion and sometimes severe pitting as it contains salt and chlorides which may sit on the surface of the metal, commonly found in coastal areas and on sea going vessels.On building sites and retail parks evidence of contamination and resulting rust can be seen on bollards and other street furniture, this has usually been caused by inadvertent contamination with brick acid for example when cleaning up brickwork.


Mechanical damage can happen while the stainless steel is in manufacturing processes as contact is easily made with iron for example on fork lift trucks, additionally bending, sawing or welding can change the original structure of the metal.

We are lead to believe that stainless steel is maintenance free however all of these occurrences can prevent enough oxygen reaching the surface of the stainless steel to allow the chromium oxidation to take place and therefore leave it unprotected. Over time the surface will start to corrode and eventually if not treated the rust can compromise the strength of the metal, especially when it occurs in cracks, holes or crevices.

Routine cleaning using a product such as the SPIC InoxiClean spray will help prevent contamination and the resulting corrosion. Once corrosion has occurred the InoxiClean Restore system will remove rusting and harmful chemicals and leave the stainless steel clean and contaminant free once again without affecting the chromium oxide protective layer.


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