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Flat bed grinding machines

Flat bed grinding machines

Garboli produce a number of machines designed for the processing of flat and box section metals.  These include:

GPS MODULO:  A multi-head and inter-changeable head abrasive belt and brush grinding machine.  Designed for grinding finishing and deburring of steel and strip materials up to 300mm in width. 

GPS NASTRO:  A single head abrasive belt grinder designed for graining sheets, strip and for deburring and satin finishing laser cut metal components. 

DUO:  Designed for the metal fabricator who needs to do everything and has no space to do it in.  Sat on a 1m2 footprint the DUO will satin finish and deburr strip and box section up to 150mm wide and satin finish tubes; with a unique centreless tube attachment on the side of the machine.

GO:   A vertical abrasive belt edge sanding machine designed for metal working.  With an integral vertical oscillating head the GO provides for flat grinding of metal components to engineering tolerance.  Perfect for F1 and motor sport applications.

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  1. Garboli DUO flat bed and centreless belt grinder

    DUO - Flat Bed & Centreless Abrasive Belt Grinder

    Garboli DUO: Adjustable height flat bed grinding machine (CE certified). for components from 10mm to 150mm wide and from 1mm to 150mm in height. Modifications available for centreless grinding and wet processing.
  2. Garboli MODULO with 3 abrasive belt heads

    Garboli Modulo with 3 through feed belt heads

    Garboli GPS MODULO: Through process inter-changeable head through feed grinding machine with three abrasive belt heads to process sheet and flat stock metal in single pass production (CE certified)
  3. Garboli GPS Orbital brush deburring machine with 400mm diameter deburring brush head

    Garboli GPS Orbital disc deburring machine

    Garboli GPS Orbital deburring machine with deburring brush head and wet fitration system.
  4. Belt sanding head for Garboli GPS NASTRO 300mm wide abrasive belt sander.  Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

    Garboli GPS 300mm abrasive belt sander

    Garboli GPS NASTRO: Single head through feed belt sander with integrated wet processs filtration system (CE certified).

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