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New 'Rebel One' Unitised Abrasives Range

New 'Rebel One' Unitised Abrasives Range

The New Unitised “Rebel One” range of unitised products from Cibo Abrasives. Four Ranges. One great result.

Unitised abrasives are a real step ahead when you are looking to apply a high-quality finish to your workpiece, quickly and efficiently. The innvoative mixture of nylon thread, abrasive grain and resin combine to perform an aggressive action with a great finish.

Benefits of the Cibo Unitised Range

  • Consistent and replicable finish
  • Cool grinding, meaning less heat in your workpiece reducing heat marks
  • Iron-free meaning it can be used on your stainless steel safe from contamination
  • For use on a variety of applications: deburring, structuring, weld removal, pre-polishing, finishing plus many more!

For our full range of unitised wheels and discs with a centre hole, please click here.

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Rebel One Unitised Range

S-Line - The silicon carbide grain in this unitised range come in varying densities and allow you to remove scratches, correct sanding errors as well as providing the most universal quality.

M-Line - Unitised products ideal for when a little more aggression is required, the aluminium oxide provides a slightly rougher finish making deburring a simple job.

F-Line - The softer, more flexible unitised F-Line range gives you total control over your workpiece, removing coatings and weld discolouration whilst providing a good quality finish.

T-Line - The most aggressive member of the new unitised range, the engineered grain allows maximum stock removal whilst maintaining enough control over the workpiece