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Expert Help

In this wonderful world of ours we find there is always a new application or process waiting to be discovered, so the word 'expert' doesn't sit comfortably on the lips of the AFS team.  But we do thrive off the challenge of solving difficult finishing problems.  At AFS we have built a great reputation for working with our customers to solve abrasive finishing problems and we know that our technical know-how has proven of benefit to our customers time and time again.

Some of our previous application solution areas include:

Sculptural mirror polished stainless steel

  • A naval commander with welding spatter down his windscreen (with our apologies for using the incorrect naval term!!).
  • Many manufacturers of stainless steel balustrading with particularly fussy clients.
  • Sculptors with an awkward commission requiring a very high standard of finish.
  • An aluminium foundry with a need to reduce machine vibration issues and improve production efficiency in the fettling shop.
  • A manufacturer of wind turbine columns who needed to improve the quality of the weld prep.
  • A Production Manager in the food industry who needed to reduce down time and potential entrapment issues from the production line.
  • An artisan craftsmen with lattice work structures to denib.

If you have got a problem to solve, please feel free to give us a call.  No high pressure sales pitch.  Just a solution to your problem.

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