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Cibo Unitised Discs and Wheels

Cibo Unitised Discs and Wheels

Cibo Abrasives unitised wheels, many of which fit on the Cibo Finit-easy machine. Available grades of unitised discs and wheels are shown below:

SA5 - Removes weld discolouration and light deburring, leaving a pre-polished finish

SA6 - A fine pre-polished finish with a little more aggression. Will remove aluminium tig welds

SA7 - Will remove and blend light stainless steel tig welds

SA8 - General tig weld removal to leave a 240 grit finish

SA10 - Heavier tig weld removal. Leaves a 180 grit finish

MA5 - Slightly more aggresssive than the SA5, to leave a satin finish

TA9 & TA10 - High aggression grinding of stainless steel TIG welds

If you do not see the wheel you require, please do get in contact. Alternatively, please view our full range of wheels and brushes.

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SA Unitised wheels with soft abrasive contact will remove tig welds and achieve a mirror finish in 2 - 3 easy stages

Construction of Cibo SA+ Unitised Abrasive Discs and Wheels:

The Cibo Abrasives unitised technical wheels are non metallic and have an open structure to prevent loading. They can be used in either direction, operate at a low grinding temperature and are conformable to the work piece. Layers of impregnated nylon fleece are bonded and compressed into solid sheets at controlled densities, from which discs and wheels are cut

Available Grades:

SA5   -  Most flexible disc.  Finest finish.  Typically used for pre-polishing, removal of weld discolouration, scratch removal and light deburring. Available 6, 13 and 25.4mm wide.

SA6   -  A little less flexible. Typically used for scratch removal and deburring.  Aluminium tig weld removal.  Available 6, 13 and 25.4mm wide.

SA7   - Reducing flexibility.  Typically used for good quality stainless steel tig weld removal and in wider wheels for heavier deburring applications.  Available 3, 6, 13 and 25.4mm wide.

SA8   - Still good flexibility in thnner discs.  Also used for stainless steel tig weld removal.  Available 3, 6, 13 and 25.4mm wide.

SA10 - The least flexible unitised.  Most often used for removing heavier tig welds and shaping.  Available 3, 6 and 13mm wide.


Cibo's New Unitised Abrasive Grades

With the development of Cibo unitised abrasives production Cibo launched the new Rebel One unitised abrasives in 2015.  Typically the Rebel One products show a higher stock removal combined with a surprising degree of flexibility.  As the Cibo unitised products develop more producs will be added to the range.  Currently we have included two exciting new unitised grades:

T9/A6  -  More aggressive than the SA8 but with a very similar finish.  The A6 grade discs can be used for dressing and finishing heavier welds

T9/Z7  -  The most aggressive unitised abrasive on the market.  with a high aggression the Z7 grade discs are proving very useful for heavier fillet welds, particularly in the tanks and vessels market.

Unitised Abrasive Wheel Applications:

With the flexible, SA+ Finishing Wheels attached to the Finit-Easy®, you can...

- Remove a fillet Tig weld and take to mirror polished in 2 or 3 simple steps.  Typically use the SA8 disc followed by the SA5 and a felt disc with PV/102 polishing soap.

- Remove weld discolouration to leave a bright pre-polished finish.  Typically use the SA5 grade unitised discs.

-  Finish all hard-to-reach spots and angles without any problem

- Deburring internal and external thread to leave a clean bright burr free thread (excellent for oil seal type applications).  Typically use the Cibo grades SA5 or SA7.

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