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Mandrels for Spirabands, Caps, Cones & Cartidge Rolls

Mandrels for a Wide Range of Spirabands, Caps and Abrasive Cartridge Rolls

Use the Filter system to find the mandrel you require.  They are filtered by abrasive type, spindle diameter and where relevant shape

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Hardware with a solid spindle (3, 6 or 8mm diameter)

Often fit onto drills and straight grinders with fixed collett
MH/A4 - Mandrel for Nu-Matic inflatable wheels 20mm thread length.  M14 thread x 8mm shaft
MH/S2 - Bell end shape mandrel for wheels 2 to 22mm width and up to 150mm diameter x 6mm bore
MH/S7 - Spindle for use with discs 8mm bore, 2.5 to 20mm width x 8mm spindle
MH/S17 - Extension spindle for 8mm to 6mm, length 145mm with 6mm collet.
MH/S18 - Spindle with open end for cartridge roll 3 (dia) x 65 (L) x 6 (spindle) mm
MH/S19 - Spindle with open end for cartridge roll 3 (dia) x 65 (L) x 3 (spindle) mm
MH/T3 - Mandrel with tapered thread for lap mops + small cotton mops.  6mm shaft
MH/T6 - Tapered thread for felt bobs - 10mm shaft machined to fit 6mm collet
SHSH - Cylindrical Spiraband Sleeve Mandrels
SHCH - Conical Sleeve Mandrels
SHEH - Flexible Cylindrical Sleeve Mandrels
SHKH - Conical Sleeve Mandrels 85mm Long
SKVH - Supports for Flat Ended Abrasive Caps
SKBH - Supports for Rounded Abrasive Caps
SKPH - Supports for Pointed Abrasive Caps
SKCH - Supports for Conical Abrasive Caps

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