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Abrasive Belts for Grinding & Finishing Metal

Abrasive Belts for Grinding & Finishing Metal

How Do I Choose Which Abrasive Belts I Need For Grinding Metal?

 1.  Abrasive Grain:  Which Abrasive Grain Do I Need For High and Medium Aggression Grinding?

For more details on which abrasive grains you can go to our blog article here but in principle we have tried to choose the right products in advance for you.  On all every day metal grinding applications the basics hold true:

Aluminium Oxide Belts:  For many years the most popular grinding belt but it is now used as a low cost option for grinding.  Still used regularly on grinding aluminium but aluminium oxide grit is much more important for finishing applications (P120 grit and finer) for all metals. 

Zirconia / Zirconium Oxide Belts:  Often blue or green in colour.  Zirconia belts are currently the most common belt for general purpose grinding on steel and stainless steel. But they are now being over taken by...

Ceramic Abrasive Belts:  Ceramic belts are rapidly becoming the new standard where high performance is demanded.  All our ceramic abrasive belts contain a premium grain and also grinding aids, which gives the distinctive brighter red colour.  The grinding aids help to keep the belt cooler and to prevent clogging / loading of the belt (particuarly helpful with aluminium) so if you need to grind with P80 grit, or coarser, ceramic abrasives are the most cost effective option when grinding almost any readily available metal including steel, stainless steel and aluminium. 

2.  What Grit Size Should I Use?

The million dollar question...  If you intend finishing with a bright polished finish then use the finest grit size with which you can effectively remove any initial metal stock.  If you are grinding only and the finish does not matter then go for the most aggressive and most powerful belt to improve lifetime and the speed of cut.  e.g.

-  Notching steel tube followed by mig welding:  P36 grit HZ72 zirconia or preferably our FX87 ceramic belts

-  Notching stainless steel tube followed by a tig weld:  P60 FX87 ceramic belts

3.  What About Abrasive Belt Flexibility?

For backstand grinder belts (2000 x 75, 2000 x 100 etc) a good strong, preferably polyester backing is ideal.  On vertical linishing belts ( e.g. 1525 x 25, 1065 x 25) and powerfile belts, flexibility can be more important so you will see that the type of backing / material we make available changes.  Want more info on flexibility of abrasives?  See our blog article

4.  How Do I Find My Ideal Belt?

Below are a series of links to abrasive belt categories on tihs website.  Each page contains a filter to allow you to sort by grit size, grit type, belt length and belt width.


Backstand grinder and tube notcher abrasive grinding belts

Backstand Grinder Belts

Including belts from 1525mm to 3450mm in length and common sizes such as 2000 x 75mm, 2000 x 150mm etc..

Dynafile and beltit powerfile abrasive belts

Powerfile Belts

Including dynafile, beltit, makita, metabo and suhner machines

Wide belt abrasive sanding and grinding belts

Wide Belt Sander Machines

We stock a range of wide belts but we can also make belts for any machine so if you can't find your machine size here.  Please call.

Vertical linishing sanding and grinding abrasive belts

Narrow  / Vertical Linishers

Including belts from 12mm to 50mm in width and in a range of lengths


Long belt pad sander sanding and grinding abrasive belts

Pad Sander Belts

If you can't find your machine size here.  Please call. 

We can make belts of any size.

Hand held tube polisher abrasive sanding and finishing belts

Tube Polisher Belts

Including belts for the Cibo Finitube, metabo, poly romy, metabo, fein and flex tube polishers

Orbital Garboli type tube polisher abrasive sanding and finishing belts

Orbital Tube Polishers / Garboli Type Belts

Including belts 622 x 30mm. 940 x 50mm, 940 x 60mm

satin polishing and drum sanding machine abrasive belts

Drum Sanders / Satin Polishers

Including belts for the Cibo Finimaster, PTX, Fein and Flex drum sander machines

Table linishing and grinding abrasive belts

Table Linishers

Including popular belt sizes such as 915 x 100mm, 1090 x 150mm and other common linishing table belts

Portable sander abrasive belts

Portable Belt Sanders

A range of belts to fit portable belt sander machines.



As the UK and Republic of Ireland suppliers of Cibo Abrasives cutting grinding, finishing and polishing belts we can arrange for belts to be manufactured in almost any size, shape or grit you require. Please give us a call or send an email for more information. Normal factory lead times 7 - 10 days from date of order but we can when necessary react more quickly to 'get our customers out of trouble'